Improve our future climate and community

Walk. Run. Ride. Explore!

Encouraging businesses and local communities to explore the wonderful doorstep resources of Leeds.  Promoting active travel through professionally led foot & wheeled groups and bespoke technology.

Workplace Health

Led Walks

Bespoke led walks from the location of your choosing.

Led Rides

Led rides from the office of bike buddying to travel around Leeds.

Route Planning

Walk, run or ride routes designed to suit your needs.


Leaders hold England Athletics or British Cycling licenses with PLI and e-DBS.


Highlighting local community groups and how to get involved.


Strong IT Consultancy background with Agile methodology provides unique sector skillset.

13th July

11th July


Looking for walk or run route inspiration?  Here’s a few to get you started, with more on the way!

Farsley Flyers Thursday
Trail Walks

Rodley to Otley via Yeadon Banks

Farsley to Bingley via Bradford Parks

Farsley to Bingley via Baildon Bank


Links to FREE website resources used for planning routes  and elaborating points of interest.

Stunning Doorstep


Blue Spaces

City Centre Reach

Hidden Treasures

Community Assets

Night Walks


Burley Park

A large park with a great training gradient and 1km circuit. This...

Wortley Rec

A large open park 2.5km from Leeds CIty Square, providing a flat...

Holbeck Park

Situated 1.5 miles from Leeds City Square, this 1km segment provides views...

Holbeck Moor Park

Situated 1 mile from Leeds City Square offers a circuit of just...

Leeds Bear Hunt

An 8 miles social jog visiting the Leeds Bears to raise money...

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Leeds Green Activity Providers

Running Seeds is proud to be part of and support the Leeds Green Activity Provider network.

To connect organisations in Leeds that deliver nature-based activities 

to improve health and well-being.



Running Seeds is an initiative created by Richard Warren.

Richard built his career in IT consultancy, leading projects at some of the world’s largest financial corporations and class-defining systems.

Now refocussed to help build communities through active lifestyles and coherent net zero steps.  Utilising technology understanding, Agile delivery and commercial focus blended with UK Athletics and British Cycling licenses to personally deliver bespoke experiences.

There is no denying that I think a little differently.  I prioritise the currency of community good over sterling.

Business engagements enable a free reign of pro-bono time to flexibly support community needs.  Currently providing 3hrs to communities for every hour billed elsewhere.

I do not share the view that the only reputable structure is non-profit/charitable – and believe we need to champion direct positve community steps that private business can deliver.

Please get in touch if your business requires initiative delivery relating to walking, cycling or running to build a healthy and climate appreciative workplace community.  This may include technical, Agile business analysis or net zero plan consultancy. 

Collaborations with the 3rd sector are also encouraged to help construct and deliver funded community initiatives with health and technology.


Apr 2021-22
0 hrs
Apr 2022-23
0 hrs
Apr 2023-24
0 hrs

Activity Attendees

Apr 2023-24
Apr 2024-25


Sometimes, that little bit of support can motivate or even help towards my costs such as first aid training/supplies, boots/trainers/equipment, technology subscriptions and travel.  That’s around £500/year baseline just to help people.


A secure direct donation amount of your choosing.


Excellent website hosting including charity discounts.


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