Health Kick-Started

Supported initiation of YOUR social running | walking | cycling group.


Build a social group based on solid principles through beginner coaching.

Setup and teach online tools, routes and other materials to sustain the group.


Enhance the Nurtured approach with support for selected members to become qualified and insured UK Athletic | British Cycling leaders themselves.


Highlight ways to become a truly independent group such as constitution backed or athletics affiliated.

Highlight funding available to support the growth of the club.


Supported initiatives to help your workforce 
transition to active travel

Enable your business to positively support climate change initiatives.
Active travel is a key component to let our streets breath again but allow business transport to flow smoothly.


Latest News

We like to keep active and strengthen our communities. 
Our business side funds the many hours of community voluntary work applied, so please do support us! x

Ride | Work : Leeds

A brief highlight of various cycle related resources I often refer to when discussing cycling with businesses.

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The Rise of True Community Activity

“I won’t join the club because I’ll just hold everyone up and will be embarrassed.” A completely valid statement…once upon a time.

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Wellington Pacers Rosebank Plog

Wellington Pacers integrated a 20 minute litter pick in to a Friday lunchtime runch.

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Social Responsibility

Enrolling the services of Running Seeds isn’t simply about providing a service; it enables our team to provide significant time to support our own neighbourhoods.


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Richard Warren

Running Seeds is an initiative created by Richard Warren aka ‘Wozzy’.

Richard built his career in IT consultancy, leading projects at some of the world’s largest financial corporations and class-defining systems.

Recently, Richard has refocused to progress community fundraising and self-motivated voluntary work typically for health and wellbeing social change.

Now with huge experience of project delivery, technolgy understanding, run & ride leader qualifications, strong networks and unrelenting focus on the doing the right thing; Running Seeds is just one part of a lifestyle metamorphisis.