Ride | Work : Leeds

Ride | Work : Leeds

This blog aims to pull a few useful resources together that I often refer to when talking about cycling in meetings. From my own experience of visiting businesses and public to chat about active travel, I think the main themes revolve around the following aspects.

  • SAFETY; The prime reason I hear are that the roads are not safe, which essentially is an understandable statement regarding driving standards. However, this can be built upon from confidence, infrastructure and the sheer increase in the everyday-cycling community. There are some great tips in the British Cycling videos.
  • FACILITIES; Where do you safely leave your bike? where do you change? where do you dry clothes? Please keep asking those questions of your employer to ensure they know there is a demand. If parking spaces are available, there’s a good chance each space is costing thousands, to leave a car empty all day long, when changing facilities can be used by a multitude of activities at different times of the day. Refer your business to CityConnect to gain advice and become bike friendly.
  • ABILITY; There’s no doubt that this takes training and support. Keep an eye out on the CityConnect website for training updates from beginner through to commute. However, to simply build confidence, do check out the Let’s Ride initiative.
  • COST; Below you will find links for bike libraries – free bike loans as well as a list of recycling centres where you may obtain a used bike and much more support. If you want a huge chunk off a new bike, please do look in to the CycleScheme.
  • MOTIVATION; One of the best motivators you can have is someone you personally know at work who rides already – someone who champions a cycling initiative within a workplace is invaluable to get the wheels turning. This can be as simple as just passing on information. However, another motivator to use is Love To Ride which includes various encouragement features and can also support your cycling champions.

From time to time, I am personally involved with the CityConnect, Love To Ride, Let’s Ride and Sweat Pledge initiatives so if you need any more information, please do get in touchrich@runningseeds.co.uk


I think this suite of YouTube videos are excellent short snippets that provide a good level of guidance and confidence in bite size portions. British Cycling have a page here with these videos though I have embedded them below in a different order.

The basics of commuting
How to negotiate simple junctions
How to negotiate roundabouts
How to perform a bike check
How to be seen in the dark
How to pack and carry your kit

Correct road positioning
How to filter in traffic
Dealing with hazards on your commute
How to dress for your commute
How to commute whatever the weather
How to plan your route


Yorkshire Bank provide bike libraries:

A location or mobile unit with a fleet of bikes which are available for children and families to borrow for free!

The locations can be found here. Note there are some locations marked where you may donate your old bikes for recycling.


Recycled bikes are a completely appropriate way of acquiring a bike and great for the environment. The reality is that maintenance is a prime feature of bike ownership and recycled bikes often start as good as brand new bikes so it’s down to how you look after it thereafter. Sometimes you may find a new bike cheaper, but once you look in to the components used, the recycled bike likely presents better value and service.

BradfordCycle RecycleBike recyclinghttps://bradford.bike/
BradfordMargaret Carey FoundationBike recyclinghttps://www.facebook.com/MCFShipley/
BradfordCapital of CyclingBike recyclinghttps://www.capitalofcycling.org/
CalderdaleActive Calderdale Bike LibraryBike libraryhttps://www.calderdale.gov.uk/v2/residents/leisure-and-culture/cycling/active-calderdale-bike-library
CalderdaleHappy DaysBike library / used bike saleshttps://happydayscycles.org/home/
CalderdaleCycling 4 All bike libraryBike libraryhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/209582156498791/
KirkleesStreetbikesBike recyclinghttp://www.streetbikes.org.uk/recycling_project
KirkleesThe Men’s ShedBike recyclinghttp://platform1menshed.simplesite.com/438517180
LeedsBike MillBike recyclinghttps://leedsbikemill.org/bikes-for-sale/
LeedsThe Bikes CollegeBike recyclinghttps://thebikescollege.org/
WakefieldCastleford CyclesUsed bike saleshttps://www.castlefordcycles.co.uk/
WakefieldReverse the CycleBike recyclinghttps://www.facebook.com/ReverseTheCycle/


If you are an employee, find out whether your employer has enrolled in Cyclescheme and you may make big savings on buying a new bike.

Cyclescheme is an employee benefit that saves you 25-39% on a bike and accessories (or even more with our offers). You pay nothing upfront and the payments are taken tax efficiently from your salary by your employer.


Love to Ride is a free, simple, fun platform to join and you may win prizes for logging your ride. Register your workplace to encourage colleagues and maybe your business would like to contribute it’s own internal prizes and incentives for riders during the month. Outside of work, why not set up a club to group up with your friends – remember it’s all free.

West Yorkshire has partnered with Love to Ride to provide additional benefits and support for local businesses.


Our local prime resource to visit is CityConnect by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. There are lots of resources highlighted including a journey planner and business support.

There are free group rides available through British Cycling Let’s Ride – not aimed at athletic club riding, but pitched at the social rider. The ‘Guided Rides’ are led by enthusiastic qualified leaders and many are pitched at entry level (i.e. for those who can pedal) away from roads. There are also ‘Pop up’ events which are totally traffic free circuits great for the whole family with limited bike hire availability. The ‘Breeze’ category provides a very popular women-only suite of rides too.

SweatPledge is another encouragement community led by Kajsa Tylen, who in 2016 took time out of being a Business Analyst to break the women’s world record for most miles cycled in a year. The concept is to set yourself a goal then receive encouragement as you update fellow pledgers with how you’re getting on.

A UK-wide network of more than 16,000 miles of signed paths and routes for walking, cycling, wheeling and exploring outdoors.